About Us

The Sony PlayStation claim is brought by Alex Neill and supported by Milberg London.

The class representative

Alex Neill

Alex is a consumer champion with nearly 20 years’ worth of experience leading consumer campaigns and achieving change for UK consumers. She is passionate about helping consumers to make the right choices, access support when things go wrong and get redress when things can’t be fixed.

She has held leadership roles in consumer-focused businesses and has expertise in understanding consumers and building strong, purpose-driven brands, products and services that deliver the right resolutions for all.

A passionate and approachable leader who enjoys communicating, Alex is a regular speaker at industry events concerning consumer issues and consumer rights across all sectors. She is available for comments and interviews across all consumer issues in the UK.

Alex Neill is the sole director of Alex Neill Class Representative, the not-for-profit special purpose vehicle that has been incorporated with the specific purpose of pursuing the claims against Sony. 

Milberg Team

Milberg London LLP

Milberg London LLP are the solicitors acting in this claim. Milberg London are at the forefront of group actions law and practice in the UK. Their Competition Litigation practice seeks to hold bad actors to account by pursuing actions for compensation and relief for competition law infringements for those that have suffered harm.

The team is headed by Natasha Pearman, a highly regarded competition lawyer. Natasha was responsible for the ground-breaking Justin Le Patourel v BT claim, which was the second ever collective action to be certified by the Competition Appeal Tribunal. She is ably supported by associates Hadley Howe Zielonka, Grace Panter and Tanya Joon.

Milberg London is a founding member of the Collective Redress Lawyers Association (CORLA).

For legal enquiries please email [email protected]